Programme 1: Tokamak Engineering and Operation

After the summer school, IPFN will provide an internship training program (40h) in Tokamak engineering and operation for the selected trainees. This internship will take place at ISTTOK premises in IST Alameda campus, Lisbon.


The proposed research activity is oriented to develop experimental skills in tokamak engineering and operation. It will be based on live training actions and courses. During the courses, the trainees will become acquainted with most diagnostics and techniques for tokamak operation and control algorithms for assisted discharges. Those courses will be complemented with practical sessions on ISTTOK, in view of the discharge set-up and plasma performance evaluation.

The course will focus on engineering aspects, namely on the actuators such as the power supplies, gas inlet systems, vacuum grading and technical diagnostics. A general introduction to some popular diagnostics systems will be addressed both theoretically and practical, covering magnetic probes, Langmuir probes, spectroscopy, tomography, bolometry, interferometry and residual gas-analyzer techniques.

The students who want to apply to the internship need to provide (i) evidence to study in the field of nuclear fusion (Master or PhD), (ii) a recommendation letter from a scholar in the field and (iii) a motivation letter.

Only accommodation will be granted during the training. No stipend and meals are due per participant.