How to Apply

Applications must include:

Undergraduate Physics or Engineering diploma/certificate
If you don't have your diploma or certificate yet, a document showing that you are registered and you have completed the 140 ECTS needed to apply should be enough (ex. track of records from your university online system). Summary of achievements on the degree
You should describe your main achievements throughout your degrees: bachelor, master and so on. Be short and clear and don't forget your developed projects. Motivation letter
Maximum one page. Be sure to be inspired and motivated!

It is mandatory to have at least 140 ECTS acquired previously to the course.

Applications should be sent by e-mail before the 15th of May to

Make sure to include the 3 documents described above, and your personal information: full name, nationality, date of birth, address, university, degree and complete ECTS

You will be notified at the end of the week, on May 19th.

The official language of PlasmaSurf is English. The applicant must provide a translation (not necessarily official) for any documents not written in English/Portuguese. A maximum of 35 participants will be selected based on the evaluation of these elements.

After notification, participants are kindly requested to deposit 60.00€ in advance for room reservation in order to complete their registration. This amount will be charged only in case of no-show, otherwise it will be fully refunded upon arrival.

This year, in order to avoid inconvenience , we also accept a Flight Ticket Receipt from your country to Lisbon, proving your arrival at the timetable of Plasmasurf.

Mark your Calendar

Deadline for Applications

15 May 2017

Notification of Acceptance

19 May 2017

Reservation Deposit

2 June 2017

Summer School

2-8 July 2017

Summer School Support

The accommodation cost (6 nights, from Sunday to the following Saturday) and working days breakfast & lunch will be covered by Instituto Superior Técnico.

Please note that no funds are available for travel expenses except for local activities. The activities will take place in several regional locations so participants will need to move accordingly.

Worldwide students are strongly encourage to participate. A quota is available for non-European participants.

Please bring your laptop for after-lunch tutorials.